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May 28 – 30



Ljubljana Open Curling Tournament. Fifth time.

Dear curling friends,

after a long pause and a series of cancelled events, it is our great pleasure to invite you all to the spring edition of the curling bonspiel Ljubljana Open 2021. Yes, you’ve read it correctly, the event will take place from 6 to 8 May 2022 in Ljubljana and we welcome teams from all over the world.

We are all extremely excited to wipe off the dust from our curling shoes and warm up our brooms. But the safety and health of all curlers, volunteers and involved individuals are our absolute priority.

One of the greatest events in the region.

System of play

After first round ranking will be made inside original groups. After second round groups will be put together and overall ranking will be made. If two teams would play against each other a second time we will swap the games. Top 10 teams after 4th round will qualify to the extra (5th) round. Ranking is made from points first, ends second and stones last. After 95 minutes of play there will be a sound signal. After the signal teams will finish current end and play one more end. 

ends games
games guaranteed

Entry fee

200 EUR/team


Banquet dinner

Depending on the epidemiological situation - we will be selling additional banquet tickets (50 EUR)

Schenkel system

modified, 5 stones FGZ, all kind of pads allowed, besides we use the rules of the WCF


Official Event

"Beautiful city, good organization, nice people. Ljubljana see you again next year."
Hubert T.
"Great event and everybody well looked after. Very good ice!"
Diane G.
"Fantastic comp, count me in next year!"
Jane C.
"Great bonspiel we enjoyed participating in 2018"
Pat D.

Registered Teams


Accommodation Vitalis
2 minutes walk away!
Radisson Blue Plaza Ljubljana ****
Bed and Breakfast Portal
Hotel Stil ***
Penzion Tavcar ***
Apartments Vila Stella ***


Ledena Dvorana Zalog was built in 2007 by the municipality and is the second largest ice hockey hall in Ljubljana. It is the home of 3 curling clubs from Ljubljana – Curling klub Ljubljana, Curling klub Olimpija and Curling klub Zalog. In the hall there is also a bar that offers cold and warm drinks and a small selection of snacks.

Ljubljana, the capital city of Slovenia


Both residents and numerous visitors perceive Ljubljana as a city made to the measure of man. Ljubljana is classified as a mid-sized European city, but it has preserved its small-town friendliness and relaxed atmosphere while providing all the facilities of a modern capital. It is a very unique city dotted with pleasant picturesque places where you can expect all kinds of nice little surprises. During winter, its dreamy central European character prevails, and during summer its relaxed Mediterranean feel. Due to its geographical position, Ljubljana is a perfect base for exploring the many faces and beauties of Slovenia. 

The Legend of the Ljubljana Dragon

The Ljubljana dragon is by far the most recognisable symbol of our capital city. From the Baroque era onwards, the dragon is a part of the city emblem. The dragon symbolizes courage, grandeur and power. It appears on car registration plates and buildings and it stands majestically on the Dragon Bridge. It is also present in various heraldic signs. The city flag brandishes the dragon as well. To fully understand its role in the city symbolism we must know the legend of the Ljubljana dragon and its origin.

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